A troubled nation needs a proven leader.


The tumultuous times since President Cleveland left office have aroused a great dread throughout the nation. Mr. Harrison came to office with lavish promises, but three years of his administration have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that Free Silver is the path to ruin for our fragile country. We are not yet thirty years from the preservation of our Union, yet President Harrison threatens to rend us asunder with financial madness. That Mr. Hill shares the president's economic philosophy unnerves many sensible Americans all the more. 

President Cleveland believes that we must have a Gold Standard if our nation is to thrive in the coming century. He also firmly believe that the American people deserve a legitimate choice among rival philosophies at the ballot box. With no new advocate for gold on the horizon, an old advocate must return. He has therefore formally announced his intention to run for the Democratic Party's nomination for the office of President of these United States.

This campaign recognizes that no man has ever returned to the Presidency after his departure from Washington. Our path to victory has no precedent, and our detractors will undoubtedly say that President Cleveland is uncouth to make the attempt. But if men only attempted that which had already been achieved, then our ancestors would never have sailed to these shores to found this blessed Union. In honor of their innovative spirit, we invite your support for Grover Cleveland as he seeks to become our nation's first "nonconsecutive executive."

The Grover Cleveland 1892 Reelection Committee


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