To my fellow Bourbon Democrats and interested Mugwumps,

Greetings from central Ohio! The America II was in tip-top shape as we flew over from Chicago yesterday. Governor McKinley treated me and Mr. Stevenson to a hearty Buckeye breakfast at the Governor's Mansion. And now, I am pleased to report to you from the Columbus Buggy Company!

Mr. C.D. Firestone (owner of the company) gave us quite a grand tour of his facility. Most of the workers on the factory floor were curious to know if I preferred the Cincinnati Red Stockings or if I was a Cleveland Spiders man. I, of course, had to tell them the truth: I root for the New York Gothams! My honesty won me few friends, though I dare say I garnered some respect from the men for maintaining my hometown loyalties.

One of the foremen was delighted to meet Professor Campbell. For reasons biologists still do not understand, the gamma radiation from the Crab Nebula affected some of us differently than others. Some of the mutations were hard to observe. Meanwhile, this foreman, like Professor Campbell, developed an extraneous pair of arms. And each of these men had risen to the top of their respective professions, turning a handicap into a blessing. They even chuckled about the necessity of being personally acquainted with an understanding tailor!

I relished the sight of these two American men, diverse in background and education, now united by common experience and mutual dedication to their craft. Though they work in conflicting modes of transport, they looked past their differences and delighted in their mutual humanity. I dare say that we as a nation could learn from their example.

As we move into the fall campaign, let us join as a united people, regardless of party or persuasion. Mr. Stevenson and I have set aside our differences, and we ask you to do the same with your fellow Americans. Let us be one nation, indivisible!

Grover Cleveland