To my fellow Bourbon Democrats and interested Mugwumps,

This morning, I had the good fortune to meet with the Park Board of Kansas City. Mr. George E. Kessler, a local architect, first ran for head of the Park Board two years ago. His efforts to implement a sensible city plan have been blocked at every turn by his opponents. In recent weeks, however, the tenacious Mr. Kessler was officially installed in his elected office. Three cheers for this dedicated public servant!

In his training as an architect, Mr. Kessler studied the great cities (new and old) of Colonial French Mars. His findings brought him to the conclusion that a great city is an ordered city, with thoughtfully planned parks and expansive boulevards. Upon his graduation, he journeyed to Earth and launched the City Beautiful movement in the American West.

Here at the confluence of the Rivers Kansas and Missouri, Mr. Keller's bold vision is now being realized by a group of forward-thinking city fathers. The boulevardiers of New Paris would delight at the caf├ęs of Hyde Park! After our meeting, I was privileged to receive a review of Mr. Kessler's upcoming plans from the man himself. His designs for a red Paseo -- recreating the famed Mexican avenue with red Martian brick -- are, in a word, astonishing.

Stories of Westerners like Mr. Kessler are, sadly, all too rare in today's media climate. In recent years, the yellow press has painted the American West as a place defined by lawlessness and corruption. Scoundrels in places like Dodge City have only fueled this reputation in a region once settled by cock-eyed optimists. In an effort to combat these difficulties, the state of Kansas has now prohibited the sale of alcoholic beverages, a desperate but understandable measure.

Such Western frustrations have naturally caused some men to turn to Mr. Weaver and his Populist Party for solutions. While I have the utmost respect for Mr. Weaver's service to the Union during the War, I must caution our Western brothers against voting Populist for President. Along with President Harrison -- and even Mr. Hill in our own party -- Mr. Weaver advocates a blend of Silver and Gold as the basis for our economy. For reasons known only to Our Heavenly Father, I am the only credible candidate in this election advocating for a true Gold Standard. I urge frustrated Westerners -- and all Americans! -- to consider our candidacy.

Let not the rogues of Dodge City define the West. Instead, let us celebrate the Kesslers of this nation, immigrants from every continent and planet, coming to America for mutual benefit! May Kansas City Beautiful be a guiding light, shining like a beacon for all the prairie to see!

Grover Cleveland