To my fellow Bourbon Democrats and interested Mugwumps,

This morning, I received the sad news of the First Lady's death. She fought her illness valiantly, even while maintaining her office graciously. Our nation is less for losing her, but heaven is greater for gaining her. Our prayers are with President Harrison and his family upon their loss.

Per mutual agreement with the President and Mr. Weaver, the campaign for the White House ends today. The election shall take place as scheduled, but all forthcoming campaign events shall be cancelled. Frances and I have returned to New York, and Mr. Stevenson is en route to Illinois. I regret that we will be unable to meet with several of you. Frances was especially looking forward to seeing the Pacific by rocket, but rest assured, our California visit will be rescheduled.

Upon touching down back at Professor Campbell's Brooklyn factory, we were honorably greeted by some of New York's keenest minds. Mr. A.E. Beach led the group, shaking my hand and welcoming us all home. Mr. Beach (whom many of you know as the editor of the Scientific American) then guided us to our house on his ever-expanding Pneumatic Network of Underground Tubes. I haven't ridden the PNUT for an age, and I was pleased by his progress (though being below the surface slightly unnerved me). Still, Frances and I arrived safely home, where we embraced our dear Ruth and her nanny.

After our long campaign, I now sit and write to you from the cozy confines of my study. How sweet it is to have a cigar and kick up my feet beside my own fireplace. And yet how strange it is, too, when travel ends abruptly. I feel as though my body might still be afloat in the clouds! Still, the taste of Congolese brandy poured from a bone decanter brings me back down to earth.

This shall be my last letter to you until after the election. Once the votes have been tabulated, I will be in touch, regardless of the outcome. I simply ask that you prayerfully consider voting Democratic on Election Day. For now, though, let us all pray fervently for the sake of our President in this, his hour of deep need.

Grover Cleveland