To my fellow Bourbon Democrats and interested Mugwumps,

Greetings from backstage at Madison Square Garden in Manhattan! Built by Mr. Stanford White, this magnificent new building is modeled on Seville's Giralda. The Moorish touches on this massive edifice give the place a far-away feel, even as we are just blocks from home. The original Garden was a marvel, but my word, this new one is splendid! It will prove an excellent host for the French Martian Ball (Frances' favorite event of the year).

As a family, Frances, Ruth, and I have gathered here with many of our local supporters. We have been receiving updates about the electoral returns for hours. The results are in: we are returning to the White House!

I want to thank you, our most dedicated and loyal supporters, for your hard work during this campaign. Your generous donations; your tireless pedaling; your advocacy for sound economic policy; all these efforts (and more!) have carried the day. Your choice has been "Cleve and Steve," but our choice is YOU!

I also wish to thank President Harrison and Mr. Weaver for running the cleanest campaigns in modern memory. Politics is ordinarily a rough-and-tumble business, but it was much less so this year than most. I send my sincerest best wishes to my opponents, especially President Harrison, as he continues to mourn his beloved Caroline.

This shall be our last campaign correspondence to you. The task of governance is mighty, and I shall have my hands full. Nevertheless, I do request of you a final favor as the campaign concludes. As we head back to Washington, I ask that you do your part to help America band together. Whatever our differences of opinion, we must now unite in common cause. Our economic challenges are great: tariffs need repealing, monetary policy needs solidifying, and the Nicaragua Canal needs building. Still, if we come together as a people, we can tackle these problems with ingenuity and aplomb.

Here's to America's Golden Future!

Grover Cleveland